Colony Wood Screening
Mission Statement
Colony wood screening specializes in manufacturing wooden framed screens for older homes. Our skilled craftsmen have built a solid reputation building the same type of screens that graced our parents and grandparents homes. Don't replace you existing windows! Look at the alternatives before you rip out your beautiful old windows. A drive around your neighborhood can usually show you that replacement windows or cheap aluminum windows detract from your home even at a distance.

Colony Wood Screening offers the hightest quality screens custom made to fit your home. Our skilled woodworkers begin work using on the highest quality clear vertical grain wood. We do no use staples, finger joints or screws - just solid wood joinery.

The design of our screens varies to the demands of your home for we offer a custom-built product. This allows you to alter the design or the amount of work we do to suit your budget and it also offers you the opportunity to add your own creative element.

Our wooden screens are designed and built to fit flush with your existing casework. This helps blend with the charm of your home. We finish your screens in any color you pick. Our screen material can be aluminum, fiberglass or the more traditional bronze.

As the old saying goes, "Measure twice, cut once". Accurate measurement is critical in any fine workmanship. Older houses have the challenge that few of the windows are truly square. Our measurements account for the geometry of each individual window so they will fit properly. We then use only the highest quality, clear, vertical grain fir. No shortcuts or penny pinching here. No finger joints or screws are used - just solid wood joinery. Once the stock is cut to size and shaped, each frame is assembled in clamps and final measurements are checked. We then size the completed frame on your home to ensure proper fit prior to screening and final painting of screens. Our installation is a snap when we know the storms fit perfectly.
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